Pinno ISP Billing & Management System

  • Pinno ISP Billing & Management System
  • Pinno ISP Billing & Management System
  • Pinno ISP Billing & Management System

Key Features
1. Customer Management
2. Recharge Management
3. Accounting Management
4. Mpesa Paybill/Till Integration
5. Service Management
6. SMS management
7. NOC view
8. Router connectivity
9. System Settings

1. Customer Module
Allows creation of customer account, activation and general management. Shortcut link for recharge, bulk activation and deactivation.
2. Recharge Module
Allows recharge of customer's account, extend of expiry date, upgrade/downgrade of connectivity package and related activities.
3. Accounting Module
Show payment transactions made via Mpesa , invoices generated and check on customer account due balance.
4. Mpesa/Till integration
Platform to intergrate with Mpesa payment method for automatic recharge on disconnection of Customers account.
5. Services Module
Allows definition of Bandwidth plan which attached to three main services mainly PPPOE , IP and HOSTPOST connectivity plans. Setup of PPOE, IP and HOSTPOT profiles are done in this module.
6. SMS module
On creation of sender ID of respective company name one can create SMS templates for REMINDER, DOWNTIME, DISCONNECTION and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT in sms Module.
Manual sms can be composed to Customers directly from this module.
Automatic message for disconnection, acknowledgement and reminder are sent on the background to Customer on service due date, payment and three days before disconnection respectively
. 7. NOC View
Display graphical packets per interface of router in real-time. Enables check on interface packets flow
8. Router Connectivity
Provides platform to connect to router through public ip or private vpn ip
9. System Setting
Configure system display details
Email SMTP settings
Backup of system data

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