About our company

Best team

Pinnovatech Systems consider team work as the best force to ensure effectivity in project delivery.

High dedication

Our Team dedicate most of their resources in delivering effecient products based on client's requirement.

Work with heart

With passion we fully develop futuristic application thus considering evolutionary aspect of technology.

Our Products & Services

We develop customized and user friendly web applications which are:
  • School ERP
  • Attendance, Fee and Exam Reminder Bulk SMS platform
  • Hospital ERP
  • Point of Sale
  • Human Resource Management Systems
  • Company ERP
  • Hotel Management Systems
  • Hotel Reservation Systems
  • Flight Seat Reservation Systems
This are softwares developed with device involved which includes:
  • Pinno ISP billing solution
  • Bio-metric Attendance System
We have developed:
  • Flight reservation app for users
  • Delivery app for users and drivers
  • Chama App
  • Short loan App
  • and many more