Pinnovatech Systems

Is committed to Scale and Deliver business solutions easily and quickly to global customers.
Our business solutions includes:

  • Web Based Solutions
  • Mobile based solutions
  • Embedded devices Solutions

We develop Valid Code Software

Design and development of client's software with valid code based on description and framework recommended best for the project.

We develop Bug free Software

Our mission is to minimize number of bugs in every application developed. This enhances the continuous functioning of the system with less maintenance.

We develop Platform ready Software

Most applications are readily available due to vast ideas that we already developed thus adaptible to several new platforms.

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What people say about us

  • We appreciate for excellent work doneon our website. You guys took minimum time ever to produce the best results.

    Travis Oiki Graphic and HTML Web Designer
  • Excellent hospital management system. Working seemlessly.

    Mumim Mumin Doctor
  • You developed for us Delivery management both App and Administrative panel. Thanks for your good work.

    Express Messengers Sales Engineer

Our Satisfied clients

Our Products & Services

We develop customized and user friendly web applications which are:
  • School ERP
  • Attendance, Fee and Exam Reminder Bulk SMS platform
  • Hospital ERP
  • Point of Sale
  • Human Resource Management Systems
  • Company ERP
  • Hotel Management Systems
  • Hotel Reservation Systems
  • Flight Seat Reservation Systems
This are softwares developed with device involved which includes:
  • Pinno ISP billing solution
  • Bio-metric Attendance System
We have developed:
  • Flight reservation app for users
  • Delivery app for users and drivers
  • Chama App
  • Short loan App
  • and many more